1487676846_4XPLORRA Team in El Nido, Palawan.  Photographed by Butch Capoy.


The Volunteers Program


What is the XPLORRA Volunteers Program?

The Volunteers Program is a specifically-designed outlet of talents from wandering travelers all over the country. 

Basically, we give you a chance to be part of XPLORRA, and share your desired skill in showing everyone why this country rocks! This program is open to anyone, whether you’re a young blood, or an old soul, we want to hear what you have to say about the Philippines, traveling, and everything in between.


What kind of content are you looking for?

We accept all kinds of contributions. It could be a write-up about this awesome hidden restaurant you and your friends went to during the weekend, a photo gallery of this amazing mountain you conquered and its incredible view above and below, a travel video of that totally fun trip to this one-of-a-kind beach, or even your personal graphic designs and artworks that were inspired by your love for the beautiful 7,107 islands. We want to give all of that hard work and passion the notoriety it deserves, by showcasing it right here on the website. 




So what’s in it for me? Why should I explore with XPLORRA?

There’s a lot of reasons why people explore with us but here are the best ones:


1. The passion for arts and exploration.

Our team is comprised of restless wanderers and relentless artists dedicated to uncovering every bit of the country. And, I got to tell you, those are the best travel buddies. But other than just meeting the team, you’ll get to be part of our wide community of other writers, photographer, and devoted explorers like you. 

2. Build your professional portfolio with the team.

At XPLORRA, everyone is not only welcomed to the adventure, but is also given guidance and necessary training for your future dream job. Whether it be improving your writing miscues, showing you the right angles to shoot a waterfall, or choosing the right color scheme for your graphics; we are all dedicated to growing with you.

3. Recognition for all your hardwork and effort.

We don’t know how far you’ve trekked, but you’re finally home. All those endless nights editing, post-processing, and worrying, has finally come to fruition; your work will not only be published, but also be featured on our social media platforms for you and your loved ones to share. Start working on that bio note!

4. Getting to explore and promote our beautiful country.

Being part of the team means being part of the explorations! XPLORRA aims to cover every part of the Philippines, and showcase our scenic attractions, try our mouth-watering pasalubongs, and meet the most charming locals. Get to travel to provinces you’ve been dreaming of visiting, all for the simple price of your content contribution. Win-win.


What are the requirements?

We only have one requirement: a collection of your most travel-worthy work. When we say travel-worthy, we want your portfolio to be colorful, exciting, and will have us wanting to go back as soon as possible; basically the best vacation you’ve ever had. That portfolio will be your ticket to XPLORRA. Because we only publish quality content, your membership will depend on the quality of your works. So, be sure that you always give us a first-class trip.


Apply as a Volunteer